Yoshi Blade – Ceramic Chef Kitchen Knife Review: A Great Value But What Are the Real Advantages?

For the true gourmet, there’s nothing more important than a great kitchen knife. Today, ceramic kitchen blades are all the rage because of their perceived advantages over steel knives. But until the Yoshi Blade hit the market earlier this year, most ceramic blades have been way overpriced. In fact, it isn’t unusual for one knife to retail for $50 and up. So the average household Ceramic serving plate has steered away until now.

The Yoshi Blade retails for $20 (includes a ceramic peeler also), offering a much better value. Our staff has put the Yoshi Blade to the test, but before you decide to buy, you should understand what the real advantages are over steel & what the disadvantages may be.

It is true that ceramic blades will remain sharp for years beyond their steel counterparts. That’s because the only thing harder than ceramic is natural diamond. They generally are 7-10 times harder than a typical steel knife. Because of this hardness, ceramic blade kitchen knives are completely resistant to chemical reactions from acidic or alkaline foods. So you will never have to worry about them rusting or pitting.

There also are hygienic health benefits to using ceramic blades versus steel knives. Because they are so resistant to any chemicals, ceramic will not react with your food or leave behind metal waste in your food. And because of this, ceramic will not alter the taste of your food like metal or steel tends to do. Other distinct advantages are the fact that they are virtually weightless & are far superior to steel for slicing.

There are a few disadvantages with ceramic blades though. The perception is that ceramic is very fragile. This is not the case – ceramic is much tougher than you might think but does require extra care and handling. You should use caution when storing ceramic knives since they are susceptible to chipping. Ceramic knives may also crack or shatter if you use them to pry or twist – so you should not use them to cut frozen foods. Finally, it isn’t wise to put ceramic knives in the dishwasher – the dishwasher may chip the knives or damage their cutting blades.

Our staff has put the to the As Seen on TV test & it is a fabulous product. Just like other ceramic blades, the Yoshi has some real distinct advantages over steel. So long as you properly care for it, the Yoshi Blade with provide the chef in your family with years of enjoyment.

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