Tips in Cleaning Your Digital Camera Lens

You have bought a camera and started taking photos of your holiday trips, weddings, family photos and have noticed that the lens is quite dirty. The question is how do I clean the lens with care without damaging the lens and causing problems with your camera?

In this post we will outline some great tips in cleaning your lens correctly without scratching your expensive camera lenses.

Tip 1: Use a Brush Tool

You can buy lens brush tools which allow the dust and dirt to be removed safely away from the lens. Apply the brush with care, gently brushing the dirt to avoid scratching the lens. Take care!

Tip 2: Lens Cleaning Cloth

Camera lens can build up with oils from the atmosphere and also finger marks. To clean the built up of oils on your lens a high quality cleaning cloth for lens is recommended. This will remove the oils and dirt and prevent harsh scratching. Before you do this remove the dust with the brush tool first. Ensure there is no dust particles on the lens to avoid damage.

Tip 3: Using Alcohol

Some oils may require using 100% alcohol on sony full frame for sale your cleaner. Ensure the content is pure to avoid damaging the lens. Never use paint thinners or any other toxic substance that will create more problems. You can purchase alcohol cleaning cloths from a camera store for this specific purpose. Take care in wiping the lens carefully removing fine dust particles first with the brush tool.

Tip 4: Store Your Lens

Place your expensive lenses in a camera bag and put on the lens cap after use. This will protect your equipment from dust and other particles that float around in our environment each day.

Your digital camera is expensive and your lenses are so important in taking fantastic photos. Take care in cleaning your equipment using regulated brush tools, cleaning cloths and appropriate camera bags.

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