Gully Bet System — Don’t allow the Hype Control Your Playing Discipline!

If you gamble on Gully Bet sports bets systems or want to start, do you know all the facts? Do you know exactly what you are setting yourself up for? These are stark questions because for some people their heads are influenced by the “unbelievable” amounts of money they think that they’re going to win. They become impaired as to the they could actually lose!

There are two kinds of people who gamble. Pure and simple. Those that gamble responsibly. And those that don’t. And the distinction between them is very clear. People who gamble responsibly be sure they know all the facts.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they are placing a bet on a roulette wheel, or a greyhound race, or the result of a baseball match. These people know exactly what the odds of success are beforehand. They know what the possibilities of failure is. And are going to live by the consequences.

In short, they decide in advance how often they will play, how much to pole, how much time they will dedicate to the game, and crucially, know when to stop. They also know, and this is important, when not to gamble at all.

It is all too easy to read the shiny, hyped-up, sales pages of the many sports bets products that are out there and believe that there are enourmous amount of easy dollars to be made.

Also, only when that were the case! But the fact is that the vast majority of these so-called sports bets products are activities like complete rubbish. They don’t work, they fall woefully short of their outrageous promises, and will leave the person who was trying to follow the machine considerably worse off than when they started.

However, this can be prevented in two levels.

You are that no-one should “buy” into a sports bets system unless they have done some research beforehand. There is a whole host of anecdotal evidence that you can find on sports bets systems as to whether this you are looking for is worthy of your hard-earned money or not.

The second is about your own playing discipline. Responsible playing can be hugely enjoyable. It reduces the risk to you, your family and friends.

It should always be remembered that playing is for fun. It is not a short cut to making vast amounts of money or be taken as escapism for some personal problems.

A responsible gambler who is in control of their playing Gbets discipline recognises that sooner or later they will lose, no matter how long an absolute skills they are on. They also know that the very worse thing they could possible do is to try and chase and win back what they have lost. The moment they forget that, chances are they have lost control.

Another important element to responsible playing is that you only gamble with pole money that has been reserve for that purpose. In other words, you are playing with money that “you can afford to lose”. And not money that was reserved for rent, utility bills and food!

The moment that you realise that you are falling to any of the above draws in then you must stop. Immediately. Those that don’t stop end up borrowing money to cover their playing. The momentum builds up and the unpredictable manner becomes like a runaway train. The train will eventually will come to an end of track!

There is a straightforward mechanism that all bettors should put into place. Whether what you are doing sports bets systems or on line poker, the principle is the same yet after all my years of experience I am staggered by the number of people who just do not do this.

Record every single bet, pole or guess either in a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper. Then record what you won or lost beside it! Then keep a running win/loss total beside that. Now somewhere on the linen should be a number, the Stop Number! That is the number anytime the loss total matches or is greater then its time to stop.

This is such a simple system to run because it just doesn’t need some thing complicated. If you want to create something more complicated then by all means do so, however the more complicated the more unlikely that you are to keep it religiously updated. And that is the key to the whole lot. Every bet, pole or guess must be easily recorded so you will have an accurate picture of your playing history, be it successful or not!

Dan Tuck has spent several years reviewing all kinds of bets systems. He tried and tested them all to locate their professionals and con’s and to discover whether his results matched the ‘over the top’ hype pedalled out by the vendors. This experience has allowed him to quickly recognise the very rare treasures from the horde of definitely ‘average’ systems that are out there.

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