Forex – What Advantages Forex Trading Has Over Other Investments

Forex or Foreign Currency Exchange fx broker Trading has become more and more popular among the investors in the recent years. There are few reasons why many investors choose forex trading over other type of investment opportunities.

Unlimited Earning Potential
Everyday nearly $ 2 trillion in different currencies traded in the forex market. This has made the Forex market by far the biggest and the most liquid financial market in the world. Due to the size of the transaction volume it’s very hard to manipulate the market and your earning potential is unlimited. As such investing in Forex is one of the most stable financial businesses.

Forex Market Never Sleeps
Forex Trading can be done any time of the day, day or night as the Forex market is a 24 hour market place. This is because the banking organizations are always open to customers in the varying time zones all over the world. This is desirable for many people who are looking for an opportunity to do during their spare time since most of them have their day jobs and they only can do their Forex trading on part time basis from their home during the evening.

The Forex markets are highly transparent where anyone can search for Forex information such as real-time news and analysis online with a click. With this real-time information a Forex investor/trader can do their own analysis such as risk management strategy to avoid unexpected “suprises”.

Low Initial Investment
A trader can participate in Forex trading with a small account size (as low as $300.00). This is very good for newbie investors as some may want to “test market” with a small amount of capital.

No commission and exchange fees
No commission or transaction fee incurs in Forex trading. Most brokers offer commission free trading. The only cost a Forex trader has to pay in taking on a position is spread. The spread is the difference between the bid price (the price you sell at) and the ask price (the price you buy at). It’s quoted in pips (1/100 of one percent). In some transaction, it could be as low as 1 pips for some pairs.

If you invest in stocks market the amount of stock you can traded is limited by how much the capital fund (ie money) you have. This is not the case in Forex trading. In Forex trading, traders are permitted to trade foreign currencies on a highly leveraged basis – up to 100 times their investment. For example, you only need about $100 to trade $10,000 of a currency for a margin lending ratio of 100:1. An average Forex trader with a small trading account, says under $10,000 will be profit sufficiently from the movement of the currency exchange rate.

Profit in both rising and falling markets
In share market, an investor can only profit if the stock price goes up. When the stock price fall, the investor can either keep the stock hoping that the price will bounce back again in a later date or sell it off at loss. However in Forex trading, traders can profit from both bull (rising) and bear (falling) markets. As Forex trading involves selling one currency and buying another currency when you buy a particular currency, you are actually simultaneously selling the other currency in that particular pair. As the market moves, one of the currencies will increase in value versus the other- there is an equal opportunity for profit whether a market is rising or falling

With the above benefits, I believed that you are convinced that Foreign Currency trading is the best investment and income opportunity around. You do not need to be a rocket scientist, nor need a Degree or Diploma to trade in the Forex market. Many of the Forex traders have no financial knowledge before they involved in the Forex trading business. However you need a proper training to guide you to become a success Forex trader.

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