Five Reason to Buy a How To Use Mattress Pads to Sleep Better and Save On Your Utility BillsPad

As winter approaches, lots of people like to get cozy in their own warm homes away from the blast of cold winter weather. But when you start thinking about how much higher your heating bill is going to be, it can be quite stressful. One effective way to reduce your high energy bills over the winter is to buy yourself an electric mattress pad. With these unique pads, you can erase up to 25% of your heating costs and they are a breeze to use.

So how does an electric mattress pad actually function? It works almost exactly like an electric blanket does except for one thing. An electric blanket requires you to turn it off after you have gone to bed. On the other hand, AKSOUL camping mat electric pads can be conveniently left on low while you are sleeping. On top of that, you don’t have the issue of losing heat while you sleep as you do with an electric blanket.

Now it’s time to learn a cool little trick to help you save a lot of money on your winter heating bills. To start, put an electric pad on every bed in the house. Then, set your thermostat down to about 60 degrees. If you are able to keep your pad at a toasty 79 – 80 degrees, you will stay warm and prevent your heat from kicking on all night.

Before you start to use your electric mattress pad, take off all of the bedding from your bed. Then put a mattress cover on top of your mattress. Finally, lay your electric pad over the protective cover.

Make sure that the wires on your mattress pad are exiting at the foot of your bed. And by simply re-routing the wires so that your controls are at your bedside, you will never have to leave the bed.

Sometime around thirty minutes before going to sleep, you just need to turn on the mattress pad and adjust the temperature setting. Then when you’re ready to hit the sack, adjust your thermostat and start saving money while you sleep!

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