Feel the Miracle to build a solid Spiritual Business

Everyone who owns their own business wishes to make it a success. And why shouldn’t they? They deserve it! Most people would say that in order to make your business successful it requires a lot of hard work, extended stays, perhaps extra resources, which usually involves challenges and possibly failure before that business becomes the required success. All the means stress.

I have owned and managed several businesses over the years and followed the precedent that was laid out for me, that is that ucdm of hard work, extended stays, struggle, despair, much stress and failure before success was evident. But many years ago I learned another way to manufacture a business, one that is created on general spiritual principles. When developing a business based on spiritual principles, it is more about being than doing.

Whatever you decide and build requires a sturdy foundation, whether it’s an authentic building, a relationship, a job, or a business. In order to hold all of those other structure, the inspiration must be strong enough to withstand whatever comes its way. I learned to apply five spiritual principles that have allowed me to create exactly what I need so that it was effortless. Here are those steps so that you can utilize them in your life.

The first principle is to know what you think. So many individuals simply adopt the beliefs of everyone else and never stop to think about what they believe for themselves. In order for your foundation to be strong, it must be built on solid facts you will stand for no matter what. In other words, compromise is never an option. You may would include credibility or integrity on which to build your foundation. You might want to include concern, understanding or kindness as well. These values become your truth, something you will stand up for regardless of what comes your way. Take time right now to stop and think about your own private values and facts that you would not compromise.

Principle two is simply this: Define what you want! Our society in general focuses on what isn’t working, what doesn’t feel good and what they don’t like in their life. Listen to the first little bit of the news and you get your eyes and ears full of crime, tragedies, catastrophes, and then some. Have you ever heard a news program begin with all the wonderful things going on in our world? I believe you’re chuckling by now because newsworthy information is based on fear and crisis because that’s what folks are trained to look for.

Since society focuses on the fears and negativity, the fears and negativity continue to show up. This is because what you may focus on stretches into more of the same. You may saw the movie The secret, or at least you’ve heard about it. The principle or general law to how the movie makes reference is simply this: what you focus on stretches into more situations and experiences that continually bring to you more of what you are planning on. This is called legal issues of Attraction. So if you focus on what isn’t working in your life, you will continue to experience things that aren’t working too well.

However, there is another way. Focus on what you want instead. As a coach, I continually have individuals sit in front of me asking for help, and without fail, if i ask them what they want in their life, they look at me with a blank look. Most people never think about what they want, only what they don’t want. But if those same people began to think about the desires of their heart, their life would change and expand into much good and positive experiences.

When you decide what it is you want, it is good to then set an purpose for that desire to the universe. When you set the purpose, be sure you stretch beyond your present thoughts and dream big, bigger than you’ve ever done before. Know that whatever you can see and believe you can achieve. Here’s an example. A person places an purpose to the universe for 20 new customers next month. As the fourth week approaches he finds out he’s only gained three new customers. So he panics, or becomes angry, and claims that this isn’t working. All of those thoughts are from fear and are negative, so of course he is creating the very thing he doesn’t want. Yet if he would focus on the fact that three new customers came and how pleased he is for those three clients, he could expand those thoughts into more positive thoughts and eventually create exactly what he wants — 20 new customers in a month! There is so much power in your head!

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