Current Trends in Men’s Fashion – Latest in Wedding Ring Design For Men

The latest in men’s ring design is all about new metal materials and embellishments. Plain gold and silver bands are no longer the only options, and the breakthrough of new metals has increased the diversity and endurance of men’s rings. Precious stone embellishments, specifically in men’s diamond rings, are now commonly incorporated into engagement, wedding, and anniversary bands giving rings a refined appearance and creating a better compliment to their spouse’s diamond engagement and wedding ring sets. This article looks into men’s wedding tungsten rings rings, and which trends are selling over others.

Top Trends in Wedding or Anniversary Rings

  • Platinum Wedding Rings:Lead the market trends for a number of reasons. Though the material typically requires a higher budget than gold or silver, it is one of the most enduring metals out there, which guarantees that the ring will withstand heavy wear and tear. Unlike white gold, the metal does not tarnish, is resistant to corrosion, and will retain a beautiful shine. The metal is also hypoallergenic, and will not produce chemical reactions with skin. Men’s diamond rings often use platinum as the setting for both status appeal, and elegance. Diamonds paired with platinum is quickly increasing in popularity for wedding rings today, and can be found in a number of wonderful designs.
  • Tungsten Wedding Rings: A recent addition to our metal options over the last few years, is taking over men’s jewelry market. Tungsten Carbide is a heavyweight metal very soft to the touch, but with the strength unmet by any other metal on the market, (except some forms of titanium). Typically less costly than platinum, tungsten offers the benefit of being nearly indestructible and scratch-proof, and will look new for life. This metal is mysteriously dark unlike the bright appearance of white gold, silver, and platinum. However, men have applauded these masculine tones as well as the strength and durability symbolizing their own masculinity and strength in their marriage. Diamonds are the most popular embellishments, normally channel set in these tungsten bands for a stunning appearance.
  • Titanium Wedding Rings: Titanium is the popular choice by consumers for its more modern or urban look in contemporary jewelry. Titanium, also a symbol of strength, resists corrosive chemicals, and would be ideal for men who work in harsh chemical conditions. Like platinum, titanium is also hypoallergenic, and like tungsten, it’s almost indestructible. Titanium rings are available in many different tints, so it appeals to ring designers for its flexibility in modern designs. Recently titanium ring designs have incorporated black diamonds in uniquely modern styles.
  • Celtic and Paisley Wedding Rings: Have made it into this seasons top trends even though these designs have been around for centuries. Celtic patterns such as old styled Christian crosses and Celtic knots are not only elegant, they carry symbolism important to the couple or admired in other men’s jewelry such as pendants and bracelets.  options often include a number of Celtic designs since diamonds complement these ornate patterns in beautiful ways. Paisley designs are equally eye-catching and unique. With the rise in vintage trends, couples are looking for originality seen in antique jewelry, and so Celtic, paisley, and even braided wedding rings have seen a resurgence in fashion.
  • Hammered and Two-Tone Wedding Rings: Are popular choices for men’s wedding rings, because their subtle visual interest work wonderfully plain or with diamond embellishments without going overboard with intricate designs. One popular aspect of two toned gold rings is that their popularity is pretty much assured through the rest of time as white and yellow gold compete for utmost preference in jewelry fashion.

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